Main contacts

Luis Herrera

President Global Americas LLC

Tel :        (954) 4717593

email :    luis@globalamericasllc.com 

Rudy Perez
Sales Manager One Source Inks and Supplies
Tel :        (502) 3400 2527
email :

Representing Nazdar Source One (www.nazdar.com) for the Guatemalan Market, we are a lead supplier for the industry.


  • THE BEST PRODUCTS.  We offer products from world leaders in quality and innovation like Wilflex, Magna Colours, IMS, Saati.  We keep our customers up to date in the latest developments on the industry.
  • HIGH LEVEL SUPPORT.  We provide local and international high level technical support.
  • OPTIMUM LOGISTICS.  With stocks both in a free zone and a local warehouse, we help our customers take advantage of local exporting laws and at the same time, optimizing their inventories.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Passion and commitment to customer service guides our everyday operations.